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Bath Towel 1

Material: Microfiber

Composition: 80%polyester and 20%Ployamide

Color: Customized

Weight: 200-400gsm or customized

Size: Customized

Packing: Opp Bag


The towel of a lot of people, bibulous degree is insufficient, cannot wipe the body completely after bathing.Need to pay attention to is, after taking a bath, the pores of the body are open, it is easy to evil wind into the body.Light person cold, heavy person time is long, it is damp.Besides, let skin be in wet state for a long time, still can cause all sorts of skin problems: skin SAO urticant, folliculitis, eczema, chicken skin.At this time, this super absorbent, skin - friendly soft HuanYang bath towel, easy to solve these problems.Buy bath towel now, return complimentary with towel of same kind .

Bath towel advantage

Huan Yang bath towel is made of new textile material - Microfiber.

The texture of the fabric is fine and the touch is soft without dropping the wool.Not ball, easy to clean, excellent water absorption performance, is 7 times the ordinary towel!Do not contain formaldehyde and fluorescent agent, also do not have any stimulation to the skin, allergic constitution also can be used at ease, it is the true infantile grade towel. 

Bath towel function

When you wipe your body with Huan Yang bath towel, it is just like the warm embrace of your family. Your skin is soft, gently wrapped and caressed every inch of your skin.Super absorbent material, let you wipe the water, you can feel the feeling of love.Whether it's a bath towel for your baby, or a blanket for your baby, it can be used in an air-conditioned room or as a thermal blanket.

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