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Beautiful Design Coral Fleece Towels


Coral fleece is a fuzzy texture with dense weave and high piles of cut fibers. Microfiber coral fleece towels (or fluffy towels) feature long, soft and plush fibers on both sides that can easily pull particles away from the surfaces being wiped. They have become more and more popular in auto detailing industry, great for wax and polish residue removal, quick detail sprays, and delicate finish work.

The weights of microfiber coral fleece towels

with single layers range from 200GSM up to 600GSM. Super thick microfiber fluffy towels with double layers can be made for super absorbency, with weights up to 1,200GSM. Weights of 400GSM through 600GSM are common choices for detailing towels, although towels of 800GSM through 1,200GSM are loved by many detailing professionals.

Coral Fleece Towels Features:
1. The texture of the microfiber material is soft and does not scratch the surface; it has strong water absorption, no water stain after rubbing; super strong dusting and dirting function, strong decontamination; no hair removal surface is smooth; no mildew, long service life.
2, is the popular car care towel, suitable for car cleaning, waxing, wax collection, car interior cleaning.
3, a wide range of uses: widely used in wiping cars, precision instruments, computers, ceramics, doors and windows, glass, kitchen facilities.
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