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Best Waffle Weave

Advantages of Waffle Weave

The waffle weave texture of the towels picks up and traps moisture, which reduces the amount of time that the user must spend towel-drying his or her hair, kitchen counters or other surfaces. A waffle towel's texture also allows air to flow through it, quickly drying it. This helps the towels remain fresh longer, because they will not remain damp for too long, which can cause towels to take on an odd odor. The waffle texture also provides ridges that can help clean up food or other items that have become stuck to surfaces.

Waffle towels are considered an environmentally friendly option for housekeeping for a variety of reasons. A supply of waffle towels in the kitchen allows the user you to wipe up spills quickly without using paper towels. They are so absorbent that one towel can be used to dry what might take a handful of paper towels. Spills can be wiped up with a waffle towel, and then it can be hung it to dry so that it will be ready to use for the next spill.

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