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cleaning cloth Brief introduction :

1.Microfiber cleaning cloth can be used to clean the screen of glasses,LCD,mobilephone ,IPad and  other electronic  products.

2.Super fine microfiber cleaning cloth keeps the screen of your iPad,Iphone .glasses etc in optimal condition .

3.You can print your LOGO on the product  for promotion ,It will let your client happy and be your  faithful  client.

Product advantages :

1. ECO-friend    Microfiber cleaning  cloth is a very economical ,environmentally and safe product.

2. Widely application   Can be used to clean glasses,sunglasses,eyewear,reading glasses,camera lens,mobile phone,PDA's computer ,CD,watch,jewelry and other gadgets and devices.

3.Promotional    Microfiber cloth printed logo or photo ,can be a nice promotional gifts.

4.Effectively clean    Remove fingerprints,facial oils,makeup,and dust  those stick on surfaces.

5.Easy care    The cloth can be washed and re-used .


its water absorption capacity makes it good for other uses. being somewhat spongy, easily it retains oil making it good to clean fingerprints from shiny metal surface.

size: 30 cm * 20 cm

Package included:

1 x Water Absorption Towel

  notice: Colour: Yellow, purple, blue, green, pink. we will send the color at random!

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