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Hot sale Beach towels In China

Beach towels are a type of towel, usually made of pure cotton yarn, and are larger in size than bath towels, and are characterized mainly by colorful and rich patterns. It is mainly used for outdoor play, scrubbing and covering after exercise, and putting it on the beach or lawn. Most people choose beach towels that are made of pure cotton and have beautiful color patterns.
Beach towels are relatively large, can be wrapped around the waist like bath towels, can be attached to the neck and attached to the neck, can be laid on the beach as a cover, and sand can be removed from the other side You Sunbathing on the beach. In fact, because the skin is moist, the biggest effect of the beach is to dry the water surface of people's body quickly, cause the sun effect, the sun's UV rays through the pool and the reflection of seawater It will be tripled! After swimming, do not dry the water. Erythema, skin aches, blisters will definitely find you. So, when playing or swimming outdoors, you have to carry beach towels.
Our features:
1)round beach towels microfiber round beach towel with tassels .
High quality imported Pakistan cotton yarn.
2)Comfortable and well water absorbency.
3)Printed designs with tassel.
4)Professional design workers to meet any of your specifications.
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