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Hot sale Microfiber towel

Microfiber belt mesh cloth dish towels, is a side by side microfiber terry and round hole mesh cloth composite and become a multi-function dish towels. Microfiber terry cloth used to clean tableware, round hole mesh cloth used to clean hard objects, interpretation of a towel is multi-purpose. Color diversity, all is dark, more resistant to dirty.
 Microfiber towel better detergency ultra-fine fiber series products, less fallout, ion release less, can remove dirt and oil dirties, leaving no water mark, glabrous flocculant fall off. Super soft delicate, normal use will not leave scratches. Easy to clean, dust, can absorb small dust.
1.Super absorbent dropping is not can't afford to rub off the ball
2.Easy to clean easy to dry Feel is super soft and exquisite and strong ability to clean and delicate compact (edge effect, heart do the details Big promotion)
3.Antistatic long life quality
1.    Light-Weight
2.    Quick-Dry
3.    Easy to take and Soft
4.    Easy to wash and dry
5.    Super absorbent and Lint free
6.    Easy to wash and dry,
7.    Soft touch and good handfeeling
8.    Delicate edge and dense stitch, durable.


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