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How To Choose Quality Beach Towel

Shijiazhuang Huanyang Textile Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in knitting series products manufacturer.At present.our company's main products are ultrafine fiber series. Ultrafine fiber is a new type of textile material made of modern high-tech means. It is soft, comfortable, strong in water absorption and good in water absorption after special equipment, special process and special finishing.Ultrafine antibacterial health, and our company product has unique advantages, has solved the other equipment produced by the stiff, leakage bottom looped a twist, Bi disease, is to make bathrobe, shower cap, bath towel, makeup to cover, face towel, clean gloves, cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, smoke, towel, the mop cloth can wipe cloth of good product quality. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and other 20 countries and regions, and are trusted and praised by domestic and foreign customers.
1. products Price:
The price depends on customer's actual demand, the craft and the materials.
But the price will be 5% lower than normal on market.
No matter what material and craft you choose, the product quality is the best.
 2. Quality Control:
The most stringent quality control measures are adopted in our factory.
1) Material purchasing control: All materials are ordered directly from material factory, which can guarantee the materials are 100% new.
2) Most advanced machinery: We use the most advanced machines to make sure every step is best quality.
3) Strict inspection during production : We make semi-finished products sampling inspection every day.
4) Clean production environment: Good products come from good work environment.
5) 100% finish products inspection: It can guarantee every is qualified.
1. Soft Hand feel
2. super Water absorption
3. Fadeless
4. Environmental, nature and healthy

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