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How to Buy Microfiber Towels?

Before you go to buy microfiber towels  you need to know the 3 point:.

1. Understand the 2 main types of microfiber towels. Before you buy towels

1) Thicker, rugged towels are better for cleaning and dusting. 

2) Thin, smooth towels are better for polishing surfaces. 

2. Decide for what purpose you need a microfiber towel. 

Microfiber towels are specially designed for a number of uses, including car polishing, electronics dusting and cleaning homes. The following are considerations to make when you are choosing microfiber towels: 

1) For car detailing uses, 

the thicker the towel, the more effective it will be. It also should be a tight weave and a short nap. Microfiber can soak up to 7 lbs. (3.75 kg.) of water per square foot (30 cm) and they can replace more expensive chamois towels. Auto-glass towels should be thinner and more pliant.

2) For home cleaning purposes, 

microfiber absorbs oil and dust, and it also picks up approximately 99 percent of bacteria. You want both thick and thin towels, so that you can pick up dust and polish glass.

3) For electronics or lens cleaning, 

only use thin, looser knit microfiber cloths. Grit and particles can become easily trapped inside thicker towels, making it easier to scratch sensitive surfaces. Electronics towels should be high in electrostatic properties, so check the label before buying.

3. Look for quality in your microfiber towel purchase. 

In general, the higher the towel's weight in grams, the better value the towel will be. Towels that are made of 100 percent nylon, a polyamide, are often better quality and more expensive. 

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