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How to choose the right Car Washing Towel?

So many people make the mistake of using old towels from around the house to use on their car and are surprised when they get scratches in their paint. Not all towels are created equally and some towels work better than others.Huanyang microfiber towels are made from the best, softest materials so they are scratch-free and lint-free. We also offer towels that are job specific, like removing wax, cleaning windows and drying your vehicle. We offer a large assortment of microfibers, so you always have the right towel for the job!

For the scratch-less car surface and metal, having the best microfiber towel is vital. The car surface is usually very delicate and if any harsh material is used to clean it, this can result in unwanted scratches.

Whether you want to scrub off the dry dirt and dust or give your car a wipe after freshly painting it, no other cleaner is best suitable than Car Washing Towel.


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