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How to choose the right Washing microfiber towels?

There are other things that play into the longevity of the towels, like keeping them organized, and only used on certain areas. The most important thing in maintaining the longevity of a microfiber towel is a proper color-coding system for the towels, according to Gartland. “One towel for one purpose,” he said. “Keep them separate, and wash them separate.” The first step in a color-coding system is creating a culture of commitment amongst the carwash employees. This comes from the top down, and needs to be taught to employees. “Owners need to make a decision that a blue towel will only be used on glass, for instance. A red towel will only be used on a body of a car,” said Gartland. 

There are many examples of why a color-coding system is important. During the summer, for instance, there is often oil on the roads, and it deposits itself on vehicles as they drive by. If a towel is used to wipe down the whole car, then the area of the car that has oil on it will be spread from the towel to the entire car. 

It is also important to find the right towel for the right job. Some things that need to be taken into consideration are the length, weight and thickness of the towel. One recommendation that Garland has is to use a small black towel for door jams, because they’re lubricated every time a car is taken to a get an oil change, and you do not want a dirty towel cleaning the entire car. This is one example of finding the right towel for the right job, and keeping the towels separate. 

Another tip that he offered is to use a damp towel as opposed to a dry one, when cleaning water off of a vehicle. “Water is attracted to water,” he explained. “A damp towel should always dry better than a dry towel.” 

It’s also important to find the right towel for the location and purpose. A store that has high theft, may not want to invest in expensive microfiber towels. Harsip explained one rule of thumb to test the quality of a microfiber towel. “Good microfibers will make your hands feel like they are dry. It’s actually the microscopic fibers trying to life and trap the dirt.” 

Innovation and proper maintenance

As the market for microfiber towels continues to grow, there will be more improvements. One simple innovation that Gartland explained was more towel colors. Color-coding is something that he emphasized as very important in the organizational process, and more color options can lead to a better color-coding and organization system at your carwash. 

Harsip explained that while microfiber towels are a great tool, and very versatile, that they’re “unforgiving when a mistake is made.” So it is always important to keep in mind that you, the carwash owner, go a long way in keeping this valuable tool working the way that it should. 

When proper steps and procedures are taken, microfiber towels can help to improve your carwash, and last a long time. “If you take care of them, wash them properly, and bring them back to life when they get old, they’ll last a long .


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