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How to maintain your Washing microfiber towels

Washing microfiber towels safely
As we know that There is a finish on microfiber towels when they are sold, so it is very important to wash and remove this finish before we use
Chris advice you that Never, ever wash your microfiber towels with your terry towels. The lint from the terry towels will cling to the microfiber, and it will be hard to remove.  microfiber is attracted to everything and won’t let it go.
After frequent use, a microfiber towel will go from being bushy to the fibers clumping together, and they will become less effective for cleaning and drying. When it is time for the towels to be cleaned, 2 tips need to follow :
1, detergent should be used when washing microfiber. Without detergent to suspend the dirt, it falls back and sticks to the cloth again.
2“follow the care instructions on the tag, such as cold water washing, no fabric softener, no bleach.”
Drying microfiber towels safely
The towels also need to be dried properly. “All the microfiber towels that a customer would buy should be washed and dried in a dryer before being used at very low heat, if not air dried,The polyester in microfiber towels has a low melting point, and cannot handle the high heat that other fabrics that go in washing machines can.
Remember that it’s not just bad for microfiber towels to be dried at too high of heat, but it can ruin them completely. Once the damage has been done from heat, it cannot be reversed.

When these microfibers have melted, you won’t actually see the difference in the towel. However, the performance will be greatly diminished. Harsip said when the towel has been damaged from heat, one thing you’ll notice is that it will not cling to your skin the way that it once did. She explained a good way of testing the towel. “The way to determine that the 

microfiber is melted is to hold the towel in two hands and put water on it. If [the water] sits on the cloth rather than soaking into it, then the damage is done.Color-coding system for most effective use.121212121212.jpg

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