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How to see the true and false of the microfiber towel

As people's demands for life improve, even simple towels require soft materials, and microfiber towels have become more and more popular. However, some microfiber towels mentioned by some merchants on the market may not be true. What brand of microfiber towel is easy to use? Then follow the small series to see how to see the true and false of the microfiber towel.
1. Microfiber towel is favored by people because of its soft touch, practicality and convenient cleaning. Nowadays it has been used in various fields such as washing and dishwashing. Athletes especially like this kind of towel because the towel has a good It absorbs sweat and is not prone to mold. Now swimmers use bath towels made of microfiber. The increasing demand in the market has also led many black-hearted merchants to make fake microfiber towels, and consumers can easily buy fakes without paying attention.
2, microfiber towel because of the special nature of the material, the touch is very different from ordinary towels. The material used for ordinary towels is pure polyester. It feels rough when touched. It can be noticed by touch that the towel is not really a microfiber towel. Really microfiber towels are made of nylon and polyester, which are soft to the touch and do not have a rough feel. When you go to the store to buy, you can determine the true and false of this towel by simply touching it, but if you are buying online, you must choose a reputable online store.
3. The water absorption of the microfiber towel is several times that of the ordinary towel, so we can identify the true and false purchase of the towel through a small test. First spread the towel on the table, then pour the right amount of water. If the towel takes in all the water after a few minutes, but after picking up the towel, there is a lot of residual water on the table, which means it is not really super fine. Fiber towel, but if the water is inhaled by the towel, and there is no residual moisture on the table after picking up the towel, this towel is true.
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