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How to wash Microfiber?

Wash with detergent in the washing machine or wash with warm water and detergent. Please wash thoroughly with clean water after washing. The use of bleach reduces the life of microfiber wipes. Do not use softeners. The softener leaves a film on the surface of the microfiber. It seriously affects the wiping effect. Microfiber cloth absorbs the soft surface of the garment and affects its use, so be careful when washing or drying with other garments in the washing machine. Dry in air or dry at moderate temperature.  Do not iron and expose to the sun.
Over time we have come to the conclusion that you can wash and dry your microfiber towels like you would your normal textiles. Just be careful not to use dry heat as the fibers will melt some preventing their ability to perform at there best thereafter. Also, bleaching has the same effect so we recommend no bleach or a delicate bleach for the whites. Also, the factory has suggested not to use any softners because they leak out chemicals that can clog up the fine fibers.

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