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Large Size Absorbent Microfiber Fleece Bath Towel for sale

our company's main product is the microfiber series. Microfiber is a new type of textile material made with modern high-tech means. Our products include microfiber sports towels, beach towels, car wipes, etc.

Large Size Absorbent Microfiber Fleece Bath Towel ShoSpa Simple 70*140cm
Microfiber  Bath Towel Description
1. Super Absorbent, test shown Bamboo towel absorbs 4 times more water than Cotton Towel and quick dry.
2. Naturally Anti-microbial, Anti-bacteria, Anti-fungal, Anti-ultraviolet Anti-aging, Odor resistant.
3. Oil decontamination effect is very obvious.
4. Long life washing is not deformed
5. Easy to clean and will not fall colors
6. Good permeability, experts called it a "breathing fiber".

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