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Microfiber towel wholesale teaches you the correct way to use towels

 In the crowded, damp bathroom, the mirror was splashed with stars in the morning, with a few towels hanging on it - rubbing the face, rubbing the feet, some already hard, and some began to yellow... It is the true portrayal of the towel "survival environment" in most people's homes: the inferior quality, perennial hot and humid towel has become a paradise for bacteria.
Most towels contain pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and Escherichia coli. The reason why towels become "staining dirt" is mainly related to the structure and bad habits of towels. First of all, the main component of the towel is a tubular structure with a hollow cell that stores moisture, which is the most important condition for bacterial survival. Secondly, towels are often placed in a warm and humid bathroom, ventilated, poorly ventilated, lacking direct sunlight, suitable for bacterial growth. Others like to wet the towel and provide a hotbed for bacteria. Once again, the oil, dust, dander, mites, sweat and other dirt on the human skin will accumulate on the towel. If it is not cleaned regularly, replaced, or even "indefinitely", it will cause the bacteria to multiply. Finally, family members using a towel together, or washing the face, taking a bath, etc. with the same towel can easily lead to cross-infection. The above reasons lead to a large number of bacteria attached to the towel, especially for people with low immunity, the elderly and children, and towels are even one of the most dangerous vectors for infection.
To use the towel scientifically, you must first choose a good towel. To purchase a towel, first check the product identification, including the product's implementation standards, grades, raw material composition, product safety standards, and so on. If you have these marks, you can judge the quality of the towels in an intuitive and easy way. First, it depends on whether the loops are flat and even. If the loop is high and meets national standards, water absorption will be guaranteed. Second, touch, soft and fluffy towel is better. Du Qun added that a good towel is soft and elastic in the boxing, and the lint-free lint falls off. The hand feels slippery and may adhere to the water repellent softener, which has poor water absorption and even hardens after washing. The three main news, no smell, only shows that the dye is healthy and environmentally friendly. Chemically inferior dyes may be used or incompletely rinsed, the product is unsafe; the musty may be stored for too long or improperly stored, and the service life is low; the smell of dust, gasoline, etc. may be contaminated. Harm to health. Conditional can also do water absorption experiments: If the quality of the towel drops on the water, it can be quickly absorbed, and the inferior towel will slip on the face and will not absorb water.
There are three main principles for using towels: one person is not shared, and different parts are used separately. Specifically: First, we must develop the habit of using towels, and then dry them in time; second, we must put an end to "multiple people and one towel" and "one towel and more", especially adults and children can not share a towel; 3 days to eliminate a towel; Fourth, to develop the habit of washing and diligent drying, choose neutral detergent, regular disinfection and sterilization. Sterilization can be used in three options: 1. Microwave disinfection, the number of colonies is more than 98%. Put the cleaned towel into the special storage box for the microwave oven and microwave for 3~5 minutes to complete the sterilization. 2. Neutral detergent disinfection, the towel can remain soft. 3. High temperature disinfection, boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes or steamed in a pressure cooker for 10~15 minutes, but this method will affect the color fastness and hardness of the towel. It is not recommended to use it frequently.

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