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Microfiber towels are called by experts to breathe towels

Microfiber towel cloth has good softness, buckskin appearance, good dryness, peach skin effect, good verticality and excellent splitting properties. This material is widely used and can be widely used in clothing. Cleaning, wiping, artificial leather and other products processing. Everyone must use towels every day, but many materials of towels are easy to hurt the skin, which is unfavorable for the maintenance of the skin, while the cloth of the microfiber towel is soft and smooth, not tied, softer than cotton, and the towel of this material It is cool and comfortable to use, and is called a towel that experts can breathe. Whether it is spring or summer, autumn or winter, it can be used for people's health. Microfiber terry cloth also has antibacterial and antibacterial effect, the sterilization rate is about 75%, which is unmatched by other textile materials, and the anti-ultraviolet ability of microfiber is hundreds of times of cotton.
    The cloth of the microfiber towel is soft and delicate, lint-free, soft and lustrous, has high cleaning ability, high water absorption, high oil absorption, and is used for making export towels after dyeing and finishing, for families, shopping malls, hotels, offices and public The cleaning work of the place brings a new concept. The product also has the dust, sand, stains and other impurities that can completely wipe and absorb the surface of the wiped material. It is easy to clean, and it is truly cleaned, especially given to it. The performance of moisture absorption and quick drying has a broad development space in the field of cleaning. With the development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for leather is increasing year by year. However, after the 1990s, countries around the world increased their efforts in environmental protection, and implemented measures to restore ecology, such as returning farmland to forests and returning grazing to grassland, resulting in a decline in leather production year after year.
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