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Pay attention to your own car wash!

Self-washing precautions
1.Soft water
The most indispensable part of car washing is water. If the water quality is not good, it will contain some small sand grains, which will easily affect the car paint. Therefore, it is better for the qualified owner to use soft water, if the owner can not distinguish it. It is also possible to deposit the water into a container for precipitation.
2. Fine cloth
When the owner chooses to scrub the body with a sponge or a car wash cloth, I should pay attention to the sponge or the car wash cloth must be brought with water during the scrubbing process, and it should not be wiped dry, otherwise the paint will be scratched. When wiping the glass, be sure to use a softer rag. Never use your hands as a rag. If the car body and the tire are stuck with adhesive paper, tar, asphalt, etc., it is best to use the corresponding cleaning agent to clean, do not scratch.
3. Order
When the owner washes the car, the order of scrubbing is very important. The car wash process should follow the principle of top to bottom, that is, the roof, front and rear covers, then the side of the body, lamps, bumpers, skirts, Wheels, etc. Need the car owner to be more careful.
4. Towel
Finally, the owner should pay attention to the use of a towel with a long fluff after washing the car, the long fluff can absorb the dirt, so that it does not scratch the paint. The special car wash towel does not leave fine fluff on the surface of the car body like ordinary towels, and the damage to the paint surface is also small. When cleaning the body, use a special cleaning towel. The same car wash towels and car wash towels should also be distinguished and cannot be used. Otherwise it will be easy to accidentally damage the paint.

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