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Teach you how do you determine the quality of the towels?

1.Look, usually pay attention to the work towel, the quality will not be so bad.
2.  It has an overall experience with touch and touch This requires a snack to compare to the experience. Of course, it is not thick and soft. Thickness depends on the purpose of use Softness is only one of the indicators Some towels are very soft, but they are very poorly absorbent.
3. At a glance, you can understand the difference between thickness and density, softness and smoothness. However, some coral wool is very smooth and soft, but it is very troublesome to use because it may be deformed and peeled off particularly after being folded, and its water absorption performance may become very poor.
4. Look at it and see if the fluff is crushed. Do not puncture the tip of the corner, put it in moderation, and the strength of the milk will understand it. Also, some high-quality, high-quality towels after leaving the factory have loose velvet left over during cracking and polishing in the manufacturing process. Shake it once and shake it, don't think of it as a hair loss problem.
5.Wipe the wipe, the difference in the quality of the different towels, the water absorption efficiency will be very obvious, throw the test into the bucket is awkward, just by throwing the piece that will inhale it, the water absorption efficiency is not the same . At the same time, check for hair loss while rubbing.
6. When you wash, many towels may lose color when you wash first, but you may lose color even if you wash several times, but the quality of the towel itself is not the quality of the towel itself, but the process of dyeing Will be Faded towels Furthermore, after washing and drying, let's see if the texture has changed, especially if the long pile is still soft and fluffy.
7. If the towel is used directly when the hair is lost, it will not still lint, wipe it again, it is still a pass, but after cleaning it is also hair loss, in fact, from the front You can only judge this point, which can be said to be flawed.

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