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Tips for choosing a Warp Knitted Towel

There are many varieties of Warp Knitted Towel, and the quality gap is also very large. There are several aspects to be aware of when purchasing towels correctly.

1. Go to the regular store and buy a towel with a clear logo. The supply of shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores is generally a regular manufacturer. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo, clearly indicating the manufacturer, origin, telephone, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc.

2. When consumers purchase towels, they can also check whether there is a “star towel product logo” on the product, and whether there is an OEKO100 eco-textile certification mark. Products certified by eco-textiles are completely free of toxic and pathogenic substances and are completely green. The quality of star towel products is completely good.

3, see: whether the towel sewing is fine, tidy, whether the height of the loop is flat, whether the color is pure and bright, and there is no unevenness.

4, touch: a good cotton towel feels fluffy, soft and no slippery feeling, grip in the box is soft and flexible, tapping without lint.

5, smell: good towels have no odor.

6. Measurement: One measure of hygroscopicity; the method is to hang the towel, rub the water on the towel after hand, the water drops do not roll off, indicating that the water absorption is good; if the water drops roll, the softener in the towel is excessive. Or insufficient refining. Second, measure the color fastness; the method is to first pour hot water of about 80 °C into the basin, and then put it into the towel to lift and wash, the water in the basin is not discolored. If there is obvious color drop, it indicates that the quality of printing and dyeing is poor, which may hinder human health.

7. Burning: Pull the loop of the Warp Knitted Towel edge into a loop, ignite with fire, burn quickly, grayish black ash, light and slag is pure cotton or cellulose recycled fiber. If there is a hard block in the burning of the ash, the yarn is a blended yarn mixed with chemical fiber.


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