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Warp Towel manufacturers

Our company is a manufacturer of Warp Towel, we have professional technicians, we produce towels, with a few functions
Warp Towel Features:
1. The texture of the microfiber material is soft and does not scratch the surface; it has strong water absorption, no water stain after rubbing; super strong dusting and dirting function, strong decontamination; no hair removal surface is smooth; no mildew, long service life.
2, is the popular car care towel, suitable for car cleaning, waxing, wax collection, car interior cleaning.
3, a wide range of uses: widely used in wiping cars, precision instruments, computers, ceramics, doors and windows, glass, kitchen facilities.
Warp Towel The best advantage
 (1) Easy to wash without detergent
(2) Super Soft, Super absorbent, quickly material
(3) Clean and protect delicate surfaces
(4) lightweight and compact
(5) Ideal for travel, gym, running, hiking, pool, and more
(6) Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch
(7) No bad odors No fading

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