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What are the advantages and disadvantages of microfiber towels?

  Microfiber towels have a fiber fineness of only 1/10 of that of silk. The warp-knitted terry cloth made of imported looms has a uniform, compact, soft and high-elastic fine pile, which has strong decontamination and water absorption properties. No damage to the surface to be wiped, no cilia falling off the common cotton fabric; easy to wash, durable and so on.

Advantages: After super-fiber fabrics such as sand washing and sanding, the surface will form a layer of peach-like fur, and it is extremely bulky, soft and smooth. The microfiber towel has high water absorption and strong strength. It has the characteristics of dirt, no hair removal, long life, easy cleaning and not easy to fade.

       Disadvantages: First of all, the production process of microfiber towel is complicated, so the cost is high. The normal microfiber towel is several times that of pure cotton. Secondly, the microfiber towel can not be disinfected at high temperature, and the temperature cannot exceed 65 degrees. Of course, Iron microfiber towels can't be ironed. 


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