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What are the benefits of microfiber towels?

Microfiber is a material that is used in many industries, and it continues to increase in popularity simply because of its effectiveness. This material is created from finely woven polyester and polymide fibers, both of which are man-made materials. Polyester gives microfiber its durability, while polymide gives it greater softness. The combination of these materials, as well as the manufacturing process, create a material that stands up to rigorous use and is also suitable for detailing. As it takes cleaning into another level, microfiber towels are very commendable because of their advantage in water absorption attributed with their high loom quality making microfiber particles more cohesive, soft in surface, durable and easier to wash.
Many cleaning products contain fragrances and harmful chemicals like bleach and ammonia, which are irritating and potentially dangerous when absorbed into the skin, eyes or lungs. Chemical cleaners can also have a negative impact on the environment. These substances evaporate into the air, absorb into the soil and run into rivers, oceans and lakes, where they build up over time and cause pollution. Chemical cleaners are also expensive and require lots of manual labor.
We produce microfiber towels, there are no chemical products, we guarantee the quality assurance, welcome your advice.

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