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What are the classifications of microfiber sports towels?

Microfiber is a high-quality, high-tech textile material. Due to its small diameter, microfiber has a small bending stiffness, a soft fiber feel, and a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect. So the use of microfiber sports towel is extremely extensive. Let's take a look at its classification.

1. The surface of the microfiber sports towel is soft and finely velvet, which has good water absorption and antibacterial properties. It can be used in sports to make sweat immediately sucked out. Its soft texture will make you feel comfortable. It can be used after exercise. Its strong adsorption can effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells on the skin surface. It is a healthy exercise. A must-have item.

2. The microfiber sports towel is made of ultra-fine fiber which is 200 times thinner than the hair. This towel can penetrate the pores through its adsorption force, and wash away the dirt in the pores and the aging horniness of the skin surface. It will make you feel particularly greasy after exercising.

3. Multi-purpose wipes are based on their strong water absorption, strong adsorption, strong decontamination, no hair removal, easy to clean, whether it is high-grade furniture, glassware, window mirrors, cabinets, sanitary ware, wooden floors, and even Leather sofas, leather shoes, etc., can be wiped clean with this high-efficiency wipe, clean, no water marks, and no detergent is needed. It is easy to use, not only can reduce the labor intensity of household cleaning, but also greatly improve labor efficiency.


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