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What are the specifications and uses of car wash towels?

Many people who want to drive a car wash shop often ask questions about the purchase and matching of car wash towels. Car wash towels are the most frequently used items in car wash. Then we will talk about how to use car wash towels in car wash shops?
1. Know the specifications and dimensions of car wash towels
First of all, in terms of specifications and dimensions, the most commonly used towels in car wash shops are: 40x40 and 40x60, 60x160 and 60x180, etc. The amount of towels used is also very large. The 40x40 and 40x60 towels are the same type, which is often used in the treatment of paint, interior, car dashboard, skirt and so on. However, in terms of practicality, 40x40 is even better. This towel can be folded in four times, and four can be used. After one face is dirty, it can be replaced with another face, but in the palm of the hand. Within the control range is 10 cm square, which can play a role in the pressure of the hand pressure, which is why 40x40 is more practical and more economical than 40x60.
The 60x160/180 type of towel is the most common in the wash shop, which can quickly and efficiently dehydrate the car paint. For the length of 160, 180 cm, which effect is good, the model is basically a large-sized car, and the choice of 60x180 towel is more practical.
2, the color of the car wash towel
In fact, in terms of the color of the towel, it is used to distinguish the use of the body, when scrubbing in different parts of the body. The most common colors on the market are mainly red, yellow, green, coffee and other colors. For example, the lacquer surface can be used in yellow, while the interior can be used in red, while the scouring glass can be used in blue, and the skirt is preferably used in coffee color. In fact, this is not conclusive, so car wash For the storefront, you can use the towel according to your own situation.
3, some common features of car wash towels
When driving a car wash shop, the towel should have a certain texture and texture. Car wash shop towels are mostly warp-knitted, and the car wash towel weft knitting is also very common. When you open the car wash shop, the towels used are also absorbent. The water absorption and material content ratio of the car wash towel has a great relationship with the gram weight. In general, the gram weight of the towel has better water absorption. And the weight of towels commonly used in car wash shops. The weight of the towel in the car wash shop is basically 300G, 350G is the most common, and it can be used up to 400G, which is the weight of 1 square unit. The gram of a major towel has better water absorption, but it is not the bigger the better, considering the feel of the towel. The price of the car wash shop towels. The price of car wash towels involves two factors, the first is the weight, and then the size. The price will be biased, and the key factor is the so-called gram weight. Because of environmental factors, there will be great differences in towels at different times and batches.

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