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What are the uses of edgeless microfiber towels?

These edgeless microfiber towels can tackle any car cleaning task. Additionally, these microfiber cleaning towels feature a medium weight and medium pile. The ultrasonic cut ZeroEdge microfiber detailing towels are soft to the touch, and will not scratch. These auto detailing microfiber towels work equally well on interior, exterior, wheels, trim, and paint. We also carry 75/25 microfiber towels in a similar edgeless microfiber cloth style.bent,strong detergency,Lint free,

The Edgeless Microfiber Quick Detail Towel features an edgeless design for a reason – speed! Very few things in car care and detailing cause your stomach to churn more than the thought of a towel’s edge snagging an emblem, possibly damaging your towel or, even worse, removing the emblem. The Edgeless Microfiber Quick Detail Towel is arguably the most thoughtfully designed towel the detailing world has ever seen!

The Edgeless Microfiber Quick Detail Towel is sized perfectly at 16 x 16 inches, making it easy to manage, even for those with small hands. Pair the Edgeless Microfiber Quick Detail Towel with your favorite microfiber detergent to enjoy years of use.


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