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What is the material composition of the microfiber towel?

Microfiber, also known as microfiber, fine fiber, very fine fiber, the English name microfiber. The ingredients are mainly composed of rayon polyester and nylon polyamide (domestic is generally 80% polyester 80%, and polyester 100% (poor water absorption, poor hand feeling)). Generally, the fineness (ie, thickness) of chemical fibers is between 1.11 and 15 denier and the diameter is about 10 to 50 micrometers. The microfibers we usually talk about have a fineness of 0.1 to 0.5 denier and a diameter of less than 5 micrometers. The fineness is 1/200 of the hair silk, 1/20 of the ordinary chemical fiber, the fiber strength is 5 times that of the ordinary fiber (durability), the adsorption capacity, the water absorption speed and the water absorption amount are 7 times that of the ordinary fiber.

The microfiber is smaller than the natural silk. The weight of one kilometer is only 0.03 grams. It does not contain any chemical components. The most characteristic of the microfiber fabric is that the microfiber has many fine voids between the microfibers to form the capillary. The vascular structure is processed into a towel-like fabric, which is highly absorbent. The washed hair can quickly absorb the water with a microfiber towel to make the hair dry quickly. The microfiber towel has super absorbentness and absorbs water. Fast, water absorption and other characteristics, can carry more than 7 times its own weight of water, water absorption is equivalent to 7 times the ordinary fiber, water absorption speed is 7 times that of ordinary towels, fiber strength is 5 times that of ordinary fiber (durability) Therefore, the superabsorbent towel is far more absorbent than other fabrics.

The microfiber has a capillary structure and a large surface contact area, so the coverage of the microfiber fabric is extremely high, the surface of the microfiber is in contact with dust or oil more frequently, and the oil and dust are from the microfiber. There are more opportunities for gap penetration, so the microfiber has a strong decontamination cleaning function. The microfiber towel can penetrate deep into the pores of the skin, effectively remove dirt, grease, dead skin and cosmetic residue on the body surface to achieve beauty. Body, the effect of cleansing.

Since the microfiber has a small diameter, the bending strength is small, the fiber feel is particularly soft, and the fineness between the ultrafine fibers is between the diameter of the water droplet and the diameter of the water vapor droplet, so that the microfiber fabric has a waterproof and breathable effect. It can overcome the shortcomings of natural fiber and wrinkle, and the man-made fiber is not breathable. The durability is more than five times that of ordinary fabrics. It is processed into ultra-fine fiber into bath towel, bath skirt and bathrobe. The human body is softer and more comfortable, and cares for the delicate body. skin.

Microfiber is not only used in people's home life, but also widely used in car maintenance, sauna hotels, beauty salons, sporting goods, daily necessities and other industries.

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