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What is the role of beach towels?

Beach towel is one of the towels, suitable for going out and playing on the beach. When summer comes, everyone usually chooses to go to the beach to play, it is essential to use beach towels.

Beach towel features:
The beach towel is made of high-quality cotton. It has a cotton texture, soft texture and loose texture. It is mild and not irritating to the skin. Excellent water absorption and water storage capacity. No static electricity is generated. It has good elasticity, good abrasion resistance, no lint, and maintains a soft hand even after repeated washing. Cotton beach towels are usually dyed with reactive dyes that do not irritate the skin and are comfortable and natural.

What is the beach towel used for?
Beach towels are a type of towel that people use when they are on the beach or on a trip. Beach towels are mainly used for beach play.

What are the characteristics of beach towels?
The characteristics of beach towels are: good texture, generally thick, mostly cotton, soft, good water absorption

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