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What kind of material is suitable for microfiber sports towels? Friends who like sports

Life is moving, and you should exercise regularly at any time and any season. Summer is no exception. A friend who likes sports knows that outdoors and those running in the gym will wear a towel on the neck or arm rest. So what kind of material is the sports towel? How to maintain?

At the moment, commercial sports towels are supplied with various materials including pure cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber and so on. Compared to regular towels, sports towels are more professional, sports enthusiasts because all aspects of sports are optimized, such as not only stronger water absorption but also materials, specifications, size, water absorbency It is suitable for the majority of.

In terms of water absorption, fiber sports towels will work better, and in terms of contact, cotton and fiber sports towels are similar. However, towels using fibers will dry out after use and cleaning. Cotton towels are also displayed, but they are much better than fiber-based towels. Breathability and instantaneous water absorption of the towel gradually decrease. Therefore long-term use of fiber towels is not as good as cotton towels.

Correct maintenance of sports towel

Towels need frequent washing and frequent replacement. Towel's useful life is usually 3 months to 6 months, so it should be frequently replaced and cleaned. Due to the special nature of the use of sports towels, normal cleaning work should be more careful as it is easier to absorb sweat and varieties of microorganisms than ordinary towels. When cleaning sports towels, we recommend using a neutral detergent or weakly alkaline detergent and cleaning with a proper concentration of disinfectant. If possible, consider using hot steam for easy sterilization, then try drying the towel under the sun.


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