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What kind of towel is better for car wash?

 Now the car has become very popular, but car wash? Some people may go to the 4s shop, some people may go to the ordinary car beauty cleaning shop, it is sure that someone will wash their own car, the most important thing is to choose a good car wash towel What kind of car wash towel is the best? Is the towel used in the car wash shop the best?
    A good car, of course, also needs a good car wash towel to maintain it. Microfiber car wash towels appeared in the car care industry for a few years ago for non-commercial use. The demand for sales in car beauty shops or professional channels has been increasing, especially in Europe and the United States, the frequency of car wash towels is relatively fast. .
   Microfiber car wash towels are made from specific fibers and are commonly used in automotive beauty. There are many types of microfiber car wash towels. Before using a microfiber car wash towel, you need to know how it is best. In fact, ordinary rags or wipes can scratch your body or scratch your paint. Many professional car beauticians are now using microfiber towels to clean and wipe cars.
   There are a variety of microfiber car wash towels to adjust your car, depending on the level of beauty care you need to do in the car wash. Even today, we can still see people cleaning cars with old T-shirts, broken rags, paper towels, etc. Some people use the same towel to clean the entire car, which is also a wrong use.
   Microfibers have become an integral part of today's wipe cleaning industry, which polishes and cleans all surfaces of a car. In fact, the most important concern of professional car beauticians is not to scratch the body surface, do not damage the paint. When you use ordinary rags or worn cloth to clean the car, the ordinary fiber is large enough to catch the tiny particles of the car body and will spread the entire body paint along with the fiber. When this happens, it will cause damage to the car paint for a long time.
   Microfiber car wash towels have thick microfibers that strongly absorb dirt and tiny particles, so the residue is removed by closely connected microfibers instead of being dragged to remove paint stains from the body. This is why we strongly demand the use of microfiber car wash towels to remove wax residue.
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