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What kind of towel is good for cleaning the car, cleaning the material of the car towel

Nowadays, in every family, there are owners of big cars and cars, and those who love cars most like to care for their own cars. When cleaning the car, the towels should be used. What kind of towel do you usually use when cleaning the car? Let's take a look at what towel to use for cleaning the car! What kind of towel is used to clean the ultrafine fiber microfiber (generally, the fiber with a denier of 0.3 denier, that is, a fiber having a diameter of 5 micrometer or less is called a microfiber. The foreign has produced a fine filament of 0.00009 denier, if such a silk is used From the earth to the moon, its weight will not be as much as 5 grams. China has been able to manufacture 0.13-0.3 denier microfibers. Because of the fineness of the fineness, the rigidity of the silk is greatly reduced, and the fabric feels very hard. The layered structure of the wire can be increased, and the specific surface area and capillary effect can be increased, so that the reflected light inside the fiber is produced on the surface of the finer microfiber, which can discharge the dust, particles and liquid of 7 times its own weight. Each filament has only 1/200 of the hair. This is why microfibers have superior cleaning power. The gap between the filaments can conduct dust, oil, and dirt until it is washed away with water or soap or detergent. These voids also absorb a large amount of water, so the ultrafine fibers have extremely high water absorption. Moreover, since it is only left in the void, it can be quickly dried, so that the growth of bacteria can be effectively avoided. Ordinary fabric means backlog and push dirt. There will be residue back to the surface being cleaned. Because there is no gap to hold the dirt, the surface of the rag will be dirty and will not be washed clean. Enterprises with poor electronic equipment can make microfibers. The speed of the technology is more about cleaning the car with a towel, cleaning the car towel material, and compiling the contents of the software. I hope that these introductions can be You are helpful, if you want to know more, you are welcome to leave us a message, we will reply to you 24 hours a day.
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