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What should I do if the microfiber towel fabric becomes hard?

The towel was bought back. After a few times, the towel became hard and it was very uncomfortable to use. What is the reason? This is mainly because the free calcium and magnesium ions in the water are combined with the soap and adhered to the towel. In addition, the quality difference of the towel itself and the long-term dirt residue during use are also one of the reasons for the hardening.
What should I do if the towel fabric becomes hard?
1: To prevent the towel from getting hard, in addition to frequent cleaning, add soapy water or lye to the water at intervals, and boil the towel for a few minutes;
When boiled, the towel should be fully immersed in water to avoid oxidation with air to increase strength and even embrittlement.
2: Or use white vinegar to soften the towel. When the washing machine or the hand-washed clothes are washed, the machine-washed put about half a bowl of vinegar about 200 grams (put some amount of hand-washing on the line), rotate for one to two minutes before draining, and there will be no vinegar on the clothes. .
Cotton towel, because the cotton fiber itself is soft and fluffy, it is harder to harden than other bamboo fiber or even chemical fiber towels. Especially high-quality cotton fiber, such as the Egyptian long-staple cotton towel like the safe home textile brand, due to its long fiber structure, the weaving of the towel, the loop is larger and denser and more supple, relatively hard The chances will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the production process of the towel also has a great influence on the quality of the towel. For example, the use of active printing and dyeing can make the dye and fiber components more tightly combined. Compared with the general chemical printing and dyeing, the dustproof performance of the fabric can be improved and the towel can be compacted. Degree and cleanliness.
For towels that have hardened, we can only use some auxiliary means to make it soft again. In addition to regular cleaning, add soapy water or lye to the water at intervals to boil the towel for a few minutes; or use white vinegar to soften the towel, wash the towel, put a proper amount of white vinegar, soak for a few minutes, then rinse Dry, can also solve the problem of hardening the towel.
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