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Wholesale High Quality Microfiber Car Wash Towel

microfiber cloths are composed of a blend of  woven synthetic threads that have been split. Our unique  blend of  ibers and knitting process makes these cloths incredibly effective, soft, and durable. These cloths can absorb oils and many times their weight in water and are not hard enough to scratch unless they have retained particles from previous use.The characteristics and durability of our microfiber cloths have made them popular with professionals and every day cleaning.
1. MULTI PURPOSE  - Standard Chamois With Tube; can be utilized for Gym Workouts & other Sporting Activities: perfect for House Cleaning, Washing dishes, Drying Car, Cosmetics and so much more.
2. SUPERIOR QUALITY - Advanced Wicks Sweat, Reusable, and Machine Washable. It can absorb excess water quickly and efficiently.
3. EASY TO USE - Just soak in water, wring out and shake and you're ready to Stay Cool or place it carrying container to use at any time; Towel retains water yet feels relatively dry to touch.

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