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microfiber towels for cars

There’s no better cleaning textile than microfiber towels for cars. Our microfiber detailing towels are the best microfiber towels for care care and are far superior to conventional fabrics. Due to the softness, absorbency and durability of our market-leading microfiber, it simply can’t be matched by traditional cleaning cloths.

Our towels are the best microfiber towels for cars because our microfiber car towels are extremely plush and ultra-soft, with open spaces in the fibers to allow the towels to hold dust, dirt, and excess wax or sealers. The days of cotton cloths, sponges and the infamous soap-spewing bucket are over.

When it comes to detailing and cleaning your car, using our microfiber car towels is a no-brainer. You can work on your car with confidence knowing that our microfiber detailing towels will get the job done.

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