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microfiber towels for sale in china

 We mainly produce microfiber towels, any specifications including colors, size and package etc could be customized according to customer's requirements.QQ图片20190305111956.jpg

The most significant advantage of Microfiber Towel can be concluded as follows:
1.Easy to wash(You can wash microfiber towels without detergent);
2.Very soft,  High purity, easy dyeing,but it doesn't hrink or yellow easily;
3.Excellent ability to absorb dust and oil  Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch;
4.Excellent water absorption;
5.Durable than other fabrics.Microfiber is a very fine synthetic, advanced loom-made textile fiber.
  We regard commercial credit and customer interest as our most important aspects in operation and sincerely welcome customers from everywhere of the world to establish long term cooperation and develop with us.
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