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quick detail microfiber towel for sale

microfiber towel Features: soft texture Super absorbent dry quickly Antibacterial antibacterial sterilization rate of 75%
microfiber towel Performance:
This product USES 100% superfine fiber, its texture is soft and smooth, like \"where\"; Its strong moisture absorption rate of dry fiber is known as \"breathing\", permeability is good; At the same time lasting antibacterial antibacterial, sterilization rate was 75%, and the uv radiation. Link of a towel Angle to assembly, convenient hang dry. With high water absorbability, can absorb moisture, weight 9 times in rolling torsion, can also be easily eduction of ninety percent water.
Microfiber towel is a kind of non-pollution high-tech new textile material, its composition of polyester and polyamide fiber organic compound generated a kind of super fine fiber. Because it is a strong water absorption, permeability is good, prevent mildew (after the special craft processing can also prevent bacteria antibacterial) and other significant functional materials
microfiber towel  USES: widely used in hydrophilic activities such as the beach, swimming, or camping and other outdoor activities.

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