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Round Beach Towel

Material: Microfiber

Composition: 100% polyester

Color: Customized

Weight: 200-400 gsm or customized

Size: Customized

Packing: Opp Bag


Take a beach towel to vacation

Do you want to go to the beach for your holiday?Don't forget to bring a beach towel!Use a beach towel to quickly dry the water on the surface of your body after swimming to reduce uv damage.Your beach towel will also help you soak up the sun while you lie on it.Take your favorite beach towel on a trip. 

Not only should you look good in the pool, but also on the beach by the pool when you go ashore.At this time a fashionable and beautiful beach towel can come in handy

You need a stylish beach towel. Don't underestimate its charm.The beach towel that has design feeling and colour vivid can promote you instantly in go vacationing modelling.Beach towels are a must-have fashion for beach or pool vacations.

Take a beach towel to wander with a fashion way !

1.,you can use a beach towel as a headscarf,It keeps the sun out and the sand out..

Beach  towel

2.Do shawl with, prevent bask in keep warm twofold

Beach  towel.jpg

3.Do hemline to use, modelling changeful, length you are optional

Beach  towel.jpg

4.Make coat, hang neck, show shoulder, beautiful back, powerful

Beach  towel.jpg

5.Make long skirt, the model that gas field opens fully is you

Beach  towel1.jpg

6,Sauna  towels:To stand out in a sauna, prepare a beach towel.Promote metabolism, refreshing and comfortable

7Camping  blanket:Enjoy the beach breeze, experience the beauty of nature, breathe pure air, wear a beach towel, live up to good times.

8Outdoor  carpet:Forests, meadows and beaches are good places for picnics.Spread a beach towel, or sit or lie, listen to the sea breeze bursts, watch the sunset


Compare with old beach deck chair, beach towel already convenient carry pattern is much.The irregular beach towel that resembles food design, still have more individual character can buy easily.

The beach towel skill works as a mat when you need to lie down and sit down, and can also be wrapped around your body as part of your styling.Sun protection during the day and wind protection at night.

 when enjoying sunbathing, cross-legged at the seaside to enjoy food.It will give you a star look.

3. It's important to dry your beach towel quickly.  Children from the water, put on a beach towel, soon dry, not easy to catch cold.And our beach towel is not only fast dry, still compare average beach towel to fold after flimsy too much.It's too light to carry around.

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